Set firm on the foundations of love, service, and empowerment; Cherish Doulaship supports birthing women and their families through the intimate childbearing season. With these foundations in place, our goal is to help mothers have a positive childbearing experience.


Basic Doula Package

• Unlimited phone, text, and e-mail support to answer your questions and offer suggestions and support throughout pregnancy and early labor.

• Two prenatal visits where we will build a solid foundation of trust as we explore your birth preferences. I will provide evidence based information and guidance on decision making to help you gain confidence in advocating for your family. We will explore different comfort measures that can be used during your labor as well as role playing possible interventions and hospital protocols. This is also the time where we will define our expectations of one another as we prepare for your childbearing year.

• Birth Attendance with hands on comfort measures (positions and movement, hot and cold therapy, hydrotherapy, rebozo work, hypnobirthing techniques, TENS unit, gate theory method, massage, acupressure, and many more). I will hold your birthing space and help encourage your birthing team do the same. Should a situation arise I will help remind you of your advocacy skills that we have built. I will provide initial breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support immediately after birth.

I will not leave your side until you and your family are settled.

• Two postpartum visits where we will process your birth together. We will go over basic newborn care to encourage baby bonding. We will revisit breastfeeding/bottle-feeding and any concerns that you may have. I will provide light house work, light meal prep, bottle sterilizing, as well as in house child-care.

• If you are accepting of a Christian approach, you can also expect the following during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care: We will communicate through a Christian worldview by worshiping together, petitioning through prayer for God’s will in your birth, and making a God centered space that invites His presence into the room.



• Extra Prenatal Visit – $75

• Customizable Postpartum Visit Day Time- $25/hr (7am-7pm)

• Customizable Postpartum Visit Overnight – $35/hr (7pm-7am)